Software Integration and Support

Successfully integrating different software systems and applications to work seamlessly across the entire organization requires professionals with experience and expertise.

SaskSoftware - Software Integration
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Software Integration and Support

From software selection and procurement through to installation, integration, training and deployment, new software systems can be difficult for most businesses and organizations to navigate on their own.

There are two primary challenges in the adoption of new software systems. The first is the technical aspect which includes installation, setup and integration with other systems. The second is the deployment within the organizational workflow, IT infrastructure and user training.

In terms of the technical challenges, our team of programmers, database specialists and server administrators will work with the vendor to install, setup and configure the system within the client organization. We will then integrate the system with all existing systems including accounting, sales, operations, administrations, communications and more.

After the system has been successfully installed and integrated, we will then deploy the system in terms of its application within the organization's workflow and processes as well as training the management and employees on system administrations and usage.

Finally, we provide on-going service and support such as system updates, 3rd party integration assistance, user support, technical support and more.

By providing all the required technical resources and expertise as well as the project management experience and methodology, we can ensure the successful adoption, integration and deployment of any 3rd party software system into your organization.

SaskSoftware - Software Assessment, Consulting and Planning

Integration, Implementation, Deployment and Support.

Software Integration Services

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Software Integration Plan
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Software Implementation Strategy
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Software Developer Coordination
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