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Complete software consulting services from needs assessment through to planning, procurement, development, integration, deployment, training and management.

SaskSoftware - Software Consulting
SaskSoftware - Software Assessment, Consulting and Planning

Software Assessment, Consulting and Planning

The first step in the implementation of an integrated management software environment is knowing the software systems and applications that the different departments and functions of your organization may require. Each area of the organization requires software that is both well suited to the specific task requirements while also working seamlessly with the software of other areas as well as with management and administrative systems.

We conduct a complete assessment of an organization and the underlying structure, workflow, departments, teams and more to determine the specific functions and requirements of each functional area. We then research and analyse potential solutions and options before providing our insight and advice in planning the perfect software stack for the organization based on their specification situation and requirements.

Finally we work with the client in the execution and implementation of the software strategy and plan from vendor selection and negotiations to procurement, customization, development, technical integration, infrastructure provisioning, system deployment, user training, application management, support, maintenance and much more.

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Software Consulting Services

SaskSoftware - Software Stack Assessment
Software Stack Assessment
SaskSoftware - Software Architecture Assessment
Software Architecture Assessment
SaskSoftware - Software Modernization Plan
Software Modernization Plan
SaskSoftware - Software Cost/Benefit Analysis
Software Cost/Benefit Analysis
SaskSoftware - Software Feasibility Study
Software Feasibility Study
SaskSoftware - Software Product Assessment
Software Product Assessment
SaskSoftware - Software Vendor Assessment
Software Vendor Assessment
SaskSoftware - Software Product Selection
Software Product Selection
SaskSoftware - Custom Software Consulting
Custom Software Consulting
SaskSoftware - Custom Software Planning
Custom Software Planning
SaskSoftware - Custom Software Design
Custom Software Design
SaskSoftware - Business Process Analysis
Business Process Analysis
SaskSoftware - Software Project Management
Software Project Management
SaskSoftware - Infrastructure Consulting
Infrastructure Consulting

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