Mobile Application Development

Custom iOS and Android app development from initial concept through to prototype, development, store deployment, management and more.

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Mobile Application Development

The mobility, popularity, versatility and increasing power of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices offer a wide range of possibilities in terms of mobile apps including mobile forms and records, passive data gathering, asset tracking, employee communications, client side services and more.

We provide complete mobile app development services for both iOS and Android platforms. From initial ideas and concepts through to UI/UX design, prototype, testing, user review, development, store deployment, maintenance and updates, management and more, we have the experience and expertise to successfully deliver your next app project.

App Development Experience and Expertise

App Development Services

  • Services
  • Ideation and Concept
  • App Consulting
  • App Prototype
  • App UX/UI Design
  • iOS App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Web App Development
  • Quality Control
  • App Deployment
  • App Marketing
  • App Maintenance and Updates
  • App Service and Support
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Examples of Mobile Apps

SaskSoftware - Mobile Forms and Records
Mobile Forms and Records
SaskSoftware - Mobile Sales and Orders
Mobile Sales and Orders
SaskSoftware - Mobile Service Requests
Mobile Service Requests
SaskSoftware - Mobile Timecard Systems
Mobile Timecard Systems
SaskSoftware - Mobile Equipment Maintenance
Mobile Equipment Maintenance
SaskSoftware - Mobile Equipment Tracking
Mobile Equipment Tracking
SaskSoftware - Mobile Equipment Management
Mobile Equipment Management
SaskSoftware - Mobile Personnel Management
Mobile Personnel Management
SaskSoftware - Mobile Vehicle Tracking
Mobile Vehicle Tracking
SaskSoftware - Mobile Job Reporting
Mobile Job Reporting
SaskSoftware - Mobile Scheduling
Mobile Scheduling
SaskSoftware - Mobile Safety Tools
Mobile Safety Tools
SaskSoftware - Mobile Communications
Mobile Communications
SaskSoftware - Mobile Resources
Mobile Resources
SaskSoftware - Mobile Auctions
Mobile Auctions
SaskSoftware - Mobile Fleet Management
Mobile Fleet Management

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