Software Management and Support

Complete software management and support services from system updates, patches, security updates, user support, administrations and more.

SaskSoftware - Software Management and Support
SaskSoftware - Software Management and Support

Software Management and Support

After a software system has been implemented and integrated, the system will need to be deployed across the organization including user setup, training and support. This requires in-depth technical knowledge of the software system itself along with the client's specific usage requirements, management, organizational structure, workflow, processes and more.

Ongoing system maintenance, updates, management and technical support will also be required to ensure the long term viability of the system. This will also allow businesses and organizations to optimize the utilization and utility of their software systems.

Our team provides both remote and on-site support options in the ongoing management, service and support of cloud based, server based or device based software systems.

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Software Management and Support Services

SaskSoftware - Software License Compliance
Software License Compliance
SaskSoftware - Software Asset Management
Software Asset Management
SaskSoftware - Software Platform Management
Software Platform Management
SaskSoftware - Software Platform Support
Software Platform Support
SaskSoftware - Software User Support
Software User Support
SaskSoftware - Software Updates
Software Updates
SaskSoftware - Software Upgrades
Software Upgrades
SaskSoftware - Software Maintenance
Software Maintenance
SaskSoftware - Software Lifecycle
Software Lifecycle Management
SaskSoftware - Application Updates
Application Updates
SaskSoftware - Data Backups
Data Backups
SaskSoftware - Disaster Recovery Plan
Disaster Recovery Plan
SaskSoftware - Quality Control
Quality Control
SaskSoftware - System Security
System Security

Managing the Software That Manages Your Business.